Monday, July 21, 2008


So i arrived at the office this morning around 7:30am. The office was still closed and i waited for about 30mins sitting on the hallway waiting for doors to open. I remembered that my boss is out of town today, hmmmm .... where are my officemates? tsktsktsk.

Oh, the one opening the door? She was not my officemate, she's an employee of the other, our office is inside another office...yup,now you got that right.

So, a day without the boss telling me what to do, and as i check my To Do List, nothing much for today, and for tomorrow. So, i did my usual routine, check files here and there and im done, now what? oh, wait for lunch, while waiting for the time,chat with my buddies online. Kinda -------- boring though.

So my head just spins around, im getting dizzy specially if i have nothing to do and don't know what i can do. You might think that i can't live without supervision, actually i can,it's just that they did not leave anything for me to do and ive done everything already. :)

Lunch is here, yup my stomach is mumbling....and here you UP!!!! Im back in my table and whats next? Watch Batman Gotham Knight and because of the dark scenes..... %**&&^%^& you got it, im getting dizzy again.lolz... oh i don't have health problems though, Boringness and Hungryness just gives me the Dizziness. lolz, until here....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Alternative Route

Dust! take Cover

Few months have past and my usual route gets more congested. The Mandaue government is putting up a flyover along my usual route so instead of waiting inside the PUJ with sweat and dust, i decided to take an alternative route. I guess the distance is pretty much the same but i need to walk to the tricycle stop and wait for a couple of minutes for some other passengers and up for another PUJ that stops near our office, a few blocks away, so i need to walk again.

Which is Better?
So i guess taking the alternative route was way better than my usual route. I still get dust and sweat but eliminate the traffic and the waiting time inside the PUJ and along the road for another PUJ...yup PUJ is how i go to work.

What's wrong?
So the PUJ just got its increase from P6.00 to P6.50 fare few weeks ago and now thay implemented another fare hike, its now P8.00 from the usual P6.50. I said to myself.... if the fare gets to P10.00 then ill ride my bike to work instead, yeah, get real... going to the office with bike? Could someone give me a bucket of water to wipe myself up?

Its not only the PUJ, also the taxi, from the usual P30 flag down to P40 flag down. They ask you to add additional P10 instead when you get off the cab instead of reprogramming their meter, but.... CURSE those who wants to cheat. It's still on July 24,2008 that you can start collecting additional P10 fare. Sheeeeeeeesh.....

The Come Back

Im Back
It's been a while since im gone and what's new your asking? Im currently working at this new digital advertising company as an IT Staff. I started this new job last May 2, 2008, well everything is fine. We are only 5 in this company,that's including our Boss. The sad part is that, I don't have overtime pay and sometimes, i need to spend hours starting 10pm in the evening until dawn if needed because we work inside the mall.

New Officemate
So our graphic artist is leaving cebu and he is going to manila to study 3d animation. Yup, i envy how they learn those stuff and i know i can learn, thats if i wanted to but sometimes i feel like its late and i dont have that resources like DSLR and stuff...
Our new graphic artist was actually my highschool schoolmate, harharhar.

so much for this tonight, ill chat more tomorrow. chao

Friday, May 2, 2008

PRIDE is a Factor

Ever wonder how you can handle a person who's too sensitive and got a mountainous Pride? They tend to make small things complicated and you strive hard to explain to that person that you did not mean it and that he/she just misunderstand it. My problem is that, i got pride but not that much. Even if its not my mistake, i tend to feel guilty and i would start admitting that its my fault and all that, but again, it's not my fault. I normally adjust to the scenario, if the problem is not that big, why bother to make it big? why can't we just meet half way and admit one's fault?

Now, that's the problem... If you both got PRIDE, most likely you won't get around that much, because both of you won't admit your fault and that would cause break-ups. If one of you got the Pride, i still won't say a perfect match, your partner might abuse it and in return, BANG! I think the best would be both of you got enough Pride,just to settle things out and lessen the sensitivity part. It's my opinion and you got yours.

Monday, April 28, 2008

New Job, Greater Heights!

Proper Instruction
So, im finally done with my endorsement. I instructed the new IT guy and i hope i got it all in his head with just a day of endorsement. The task are not that hard and i im confident that he can do it himself. My HR was even amazed when i submitted the endorsement letter with the new IT guy's signature on it. I asked him again if he understands everything before i actually let him sign the sheet. He did sign it and today was the day when he was alone without my company because i driving my younger brother to summer class.

Could this be the ONE?
I pray to God that i would be an employee of big companies like Lexmark, Lear, NEC, NCR, and i also prayed that i would not be staying unemployed for a long time. Richmedia, a digital signage advertising company is hiring an IT Staff and i applied. I was called up for 3 interviews and I would be working for them soon. Even if im not working for big companies, im still happy that God answered my prayers and they only need one IT Staff and there were 3 of us on the first interview. God is really amazing, i just hope that ill be able to stay long here, as for my still in probationary, i just hope it will increase a bit higher.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Driving me Crazy
It's driving me crazy. I managed to format almost all the computers a few months ago with the help of some other guys. Happy as I am that it's all done. Today, as i checked on the computers in the Front Desk, one of unit got a virus. I remembered that i told them not to use USB but they still use it to put in songs because its boring they say. I disabled the audio driver so they can't get any sounds from it but they managed to fix it, amazed but i just kept quite. Today was the day when i finally disable the USB. Im pretty sure they used USB for the new songs rather than using the cd. If its cd, then it has a virus in it too. I just hate it.